[Fish&Net; Entertainment] Documentary Reality Show (다큐 쇼 스태프 구함)

by 김민기

여행 리얼리티쇼 제작 스태프 모집

다큐멘터리 제작 전문 프로덕션인 Fish&Net Entertainment 에서 여행 리얼리티쇼 제작에 한국어 연출 프로듀서 및 스태프를 모집합니다.

- 연출(방송/영화)전공 및 방송제작에 경험이 풍부한 사람

- 모험심과 흥미로운 도전심이 강한 사람

- 팀워크와 구성촬영 편집에 자신있는 사람

- 운전면허와 미국에서 합법적으로 일할수 있는 사람 (여행을 자유롭게 할수 있는 사람)

- 영어와 한국어에 능통한 사람

모집분야: 프로듀서, 구성작가,조연출,촬영감독

이력서,자기소개서,포트폴리오를 mingifishandnet@gmail.com으로보내주시면서류검토후인터뷰날짜를통보해드립니다.

Fish & Net Entertainment has produced numerous documentary series about Korean American contents. We are seeking a multitasking producer for a upcoming Korean travel documentary reality show that will broadcast one episode a week. This show is one year contracted, and since we have a small crew, the ideal candidate is someone who can produce,shoot, and edit the show.


  • The ability of strong storytelling skills

  • Strong researching skill to find where to travel and come up with next episode ideas, getting a shooting permission, and producing 20 minutes episodes

  • Knowledge of how to operate cameras and sound equipments in documentary style

  • Securing elements such as sound bites in editing

  • The ability of managing time under the tight schedule

  • Must know how to collaborate with crews


  • Read, write, speak fluently and understand Korean and English

  • Major in Film, Television, or Journalism

  • Experiences relating to television or film productions

  • Travel is required in this position. The candidate must have a valid driver license and be able to work legally

  • Proficiency in Adobe Premiere, and Photoshop and After Effects are plus.

  • Ability to operate Canon C100 mark ii, DSLRs, Sony FS 5, and setting up lavalier mics


  • Willing to travel minimum 5 to 6 days per a month

  • Managing heavy workload

  • Working in passion and creative, and willing to learn

  • Willing to work at an office in Fort Lee, New Jersey

Salary depends on the candidate’s professional experiences.

This position is for a full-time or part-time. All applications must include portfolio with an accessible link, a resume, and a cover letter. If you have any questions about applications, please contact at mingifishandnet@gmail.com.