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When: May 11th, 2019 12 - 4pm


Where: Washington Square Park


The internet world is flooded with information. Individuals understand themselves and one another by uploading and searching for information, but in the long run, the information overshadows their true personalities.


The millennials and generation Z grew up with the internet, and were forced to have two personas both online and offline. They live a happier life online by searching, often stalking others and keeping memories by photos and not their eyes. Are you your true self online?


In 2016, I began trying to depict the split consciousness of the modern individual between the online and the offline world. I created the visual concept of ‘multiple internet windows floating on a naked body’ while thinking about this current generation and its nature of wandering between the online and offline world.


For 2 years, this project has evolved by collaborations with professional models and performers were executed, and I met different audiences in different cities with unique historic, economic and cultural backgrounds. The performers, draped in browser windows roaming a tangible space, continued to question the consciousness of the modern person within the borders of the online and offline world.


I felt a strong need for an official, large-scale project that can empower my core artistic values. I believe that the core question regarding the ‘real existence of the human race’ encompasses all nationalities, genders, and race; this led me to curate the ON-OFF performance in the ‘capital of the world’, New York City.


The ON-OFF performance is completed through the movements of people online. The performance is divided into six categories of the internet- anonymity, expandability, voyeurism, upload, download and data.


Please check the website for more information: https://onoffnyc.splashthat.com/