NYU 전수일 감독 상영회

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한국의 영화감독 전수일 감독님을 초청하여 3일간 (4월 23-25일) 3편의 작품을 학교의 CANTOR CENTER 와 영화과 내의 Michaelson Theatre 에서 상영합니다. 전수일 감독님은 잘 알려진 예술영화작가로서 실험적인 영상과 내러티브를 통해 국내외의 예술영화계에 독보적인 영역을 개척하신 분입니다. 대중적인 영화언어를 사용하지 않으시기에 조금 낮설수도 있지만 KGSA 한국 학생들이 많은 관심을 보여준다면 행사가 더욱 뜻깊지 않을까 싶습니다. 상영은 전체 무료이며 부담없이 오시면 되는 행사이구요. 전수일 감독님 역시 행사 3일간 내내 참석하셔서 관객과의 대화를 가지실 예정입니다.

November 2009-April 2010

New York City Screenings
Free and open to the public. Director Jeon Soo-il will be present at the screenings and Q&A will follow.
Hosted by NYU CINEMA STUDIES and NYU FILM AND TELEVISION in partnership with Cine-Asie, a Montreal based non-profit media arts organization in support with the Korean Culture and Information Service.

Friday, April 23, 6:00pm
WITH A GIRL OF BLACK SOIL (2007, 89 min)
Cantor Film Center, 36 E. 8th Street
Screened as a part of NYU Film and Television’s DIRECTORS SERIES

Saturday, April 24, 2:00pm
Michelson Theater, 721 Broadway, 6th Floor

Sunday, April 25, 2:00pm
Michelson Theater, 721 Broadway, 6th Floor

Director’s Biography:
Jeon Soo-il (September 25, 1959 in South Korea) is a South Korean film director, film producer and screenwriter. After graduating from the Department of Theatre & Film at Kyungsung University in Pusan, he studied Film Direction at École Supérieure de Réalisation Audiovisuelle (E.S.R.A) in France from 1988 to 1992. He completed his master’s and doctorate degrees in Film Science at the Paris Diderot University in Paris, France. He is currently an associate professor of the Department of Theatre & Film of Kyungsung University and the president of Dongnyuk Films.

Himalaya, Where the wind dwells (2008)
With a Girl of Black Soil (2007)
Time Between Dog and Wolf (2005)
My Right to Ravage Myself (2003)
The Bird Who Stops in the Air (1999)
Wind echoing in my being (1997)

With a Girl of Black Soil (2007) 89min
Director: Soo-il Jeon
Writer: Soo-il Jeon, Jung Soon-yeoung
Producer: In-sook Jo
Executive producer: Park Jin-weon
Main Cast: RYU Yeon-mi, JO Young-jin, Park Hyung-woo
Cinemotagraphy: Kim Sung-tai
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea
Genre: Family Drama
Awards: • Grand Prix, Teheran Film festival 2009 • Grand Prix, International Critic Award, Deauville Asian Film Festival 2008 • Venice International Film Festival, 'Orizzonti' Competition, 2007. CICAE Award, Lina Mangicapri Award • Best Korean Film Award (Necpac Award), Pusan International Film Festival 2007 • FIFRESI Award, International Cine-Club Award, Fribourg International Film Festival 2008 • Public Award, Las Palmas International Film Festival 2008. • Grand Prix “Golden durian”, Barcelona Asian film Festival 2008

In a small mining village in the Kangwon Province, a 9-year-old girl Young-lim lives a financially limited but cozy life with her miner father, and her mentally challenged brother. But their happiness is interrupted as her father loses his job after a mining incident. Jeon’s most acclaimed film – it won awards at the Venice, Pusan, Deauville and Barcelona film festivals, among others – is a “quiet wonder” (Neil Young, Hollywood Reporter) that effectively plunges the viewer into its rugged, forlorn setting and the interior world of its young heroine.

The Bird Who Stops in the Air (1999) 106 min
Director: Jeon Soo-il
Writer: Jeon Soo-il
Producer: Jeon Soo-il, Jo In-suk
Main Cast: Seol Kyung-Gu, Kim So-Hee
Cinematography: Kim Dae-seon
Genre: Drama
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea
Festivals and Awards: • Venice International Film Festival, 'New Territories' section 1999. • Best Korean Film Award (Necpac Award), Pusan International Film Festival 1999 • Grand Prix (Le Regard d'Or), Fribourg International Film Festival 2000 • Moscow International Film Festival 2000 • Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2001

Kim teaches at a provincial film school and is no favourite among the students. Different from other professors who help them find contacts and start their film careers, Kim is too focused on film itself and on making his own film, a desire which begins to merge with his longing to fly. Having kept the memories of birds from his childhood, he intends to make a film based on the images of birds that appear in his dreams. He is slowly working on his own screenplay and doesn’t notice that his professional and personal lives are falling apart. Kim’s girlfriend, Young-hie, struggles with her fears about the future and tries to interest her lover in their relationship – to no avail. Yet he agrees to accompany Young-hie on a trip to her hometown, though he is plainly becoming ever more estranged from the human world.

Himalaya: The Place Wind Dwells (2008) 95min
Director: Jeon Soo-il
Writer: Jeon Soo-il
Producer: Kim Dong-joo, Jeon Soo-il
Main Cast: Choi Min-sik, Tsering Kipale Gurung, Tenjing Sherpa
Release Date: June 11, 2009
Language: Korean, English, Nepali
Country: South Korea, France
Genre: Drama
Festivals: The film is invited and will attend at Karlovi Vary film festival, 2009. Screened at Pusan International Film Festival 2008.

The film begins with the protagonist Choi, who has just finished his divorce procedures. When he visits his brother’s factory, he receives a request to deliver one of the Nepali workers’ ashes to his homeland and family. After suffering from nasal haemorrhage and headache due to mountain sickness, he arrives in Sham's hometown in the Himalayas to find Sham's ill mother and his three sisters living in a ragged house. Unable to deliver the news, Choi stays in the Himalayas, which forces him to choose between the village life and modernity.