Superstar K Audition Opportunity at Mnet, South Korea

by admin
Dear Whom May Concern:

Hello, this is Sue Song at Mnet, one of the best music media in South Korea.
This year, we are opening a new season of our show Superstar K.
As we're going to have auditions in New York City and in Los Angeles as well as in cities in Korea, we'd like to give you an opportunity to apply to our show.

Here is information about our show:

It's called Superstar K Season 4. (Please click the link for applications, accepting from March 15th, 2012.)
We're succeeding the show since the season 1 successfully with popularity.

1) Superstar K is a Korean version of American Idol and it has been ranked the most viewed TV channel at given time and the winner will be given about 430,000 US dollars (around half million dollars). It is the hugest audition show in Korea. Its applicants are getting bigger as we have extended the auditions in other countries and there have been many non-Korean applicants/contestants so far.

There were three people who were from elsewhere other than Korea in the top 11 in the last season. We are launching the next one, season 4 this year.
And we had John Park in our show who was top 24 in American Idol. He was in second place on Superstar K. He was so loved by the audiences and he is now a star in Korea.

* The process of the audition/show
The primary auditions will be held in big cities in Korea, in New York City, Los Angeles and in Sydney. And the chosen contestants will be contacted afterwards.

Because of the scale of the auditions, the fourth/last auditions will be held only in Korea though.
The judges are three of the best Korean singers in Korea.

If you survive after the fourth audition, you will stay with other competitors for three days and will perform missions/assignments. From here, there only will be top 10 left and the top 10 will be narrowed down to one person who will be a superstar through seven episodes.

Even though they are to perform and compete each other and not succeed to be the top 1, they definitely gain publicity, popularity and they start their own way after the show.

2) You are currently in USA.
If you make it to the semi-final auditions outside Korea, you'll travel to Korea for the next round. The last auditions will be held only in Korea. So if you survive after the third auditions with us in Los Angeles, New York City or in Sydney, you should come to Korea for the next one.

3) When you are going to have the opportunity the travel expense has to be on your own. We will support you if you survive when the fourth auditions (it's called Super Week for survivors to stay and practice together to accomplish missions, compete and perform. It's going to be on air live. The previous auditions are going to be on air as well anyhow.) begin in Korea though.

If you are willing to apply and give it a try, it’s worth spending your time and money before the fourth auditions. Before the fourth/last one, we will not be able to support you like for plane tickets, shelter and food.

* We are going to start auditions around mid-June in New York City, Los Angeles and Sydney separately for cities outside Korea.
For the specific location and date, we will let you know.

If you have more questions, please do ask us.
You may reach us to this email (, website or by phone (82-10-7435-6070)

Thank you.

Sue Song