Looking for a Female Roommate

by Ruthnewyor..
Basically I’m looking for the person who is mature, clean, respectful, honest and responsible.
You will also be respectful of others, does not bring a party home, no live in boyfriends, no pets.
Needs to have excellent credit, $1100.00 security deposit and 1month rent ($950) at signing of lease for July 5th, move in.
Utility is about $50 per month.

***You should have following to be qualified:
---1) Making +40K yearly.
---2) Valid Picture ID (ex. Driver License)
---3) Good Credit(in addition: no credit is better then bad credit)
---4) Clear criminal background.
---Good to have: tax returns or W2 form or consecutive three pay stubs.
-------Or (US based) guarantor making +150K yearly.
--------Guarantor paperwork same as one above (#2,#3,#4).

BUT…since I’m looking for good person there is maybe some exception of above.

Please tell me your current address or place to live now and how long are you going to live if you take this room.

send me email for location & picture and more detail...