[MTY Group] 정규직 풀타임 개발/마케팅 부문(각 1명) 모집 공고

by Lia
MTY Group은 2012년 설립되어 월드 트레이드 센터에 오피스를 둔 뉴욕 전문 Real Estate 회사입니다.
우수한 실력과 풍부한 경험을 바탕으로 뉴욕 부동산 마켓에서 인정받아 이제는 한국, 중국 마켓에서도 최고의 Real Estate Brokerage 회사로 자리매김 하고 있습니다. 저희 MTY Group에서 실력있고 열정있는 마케팅 인재를 모집합니다.
Marketing/PR (1명) - 오픈
[General Responsibilities]

Deliberate planning, strategy and goal setting

Development of brand awareness and online reputation

Content management (including website)

SEO (search engine optimization) and generation of inbound traffic

Administrate the creation and publishing of relevant, original, high-quality content (for all channels and ads)

Manage Google ads console(+tag management)

Partnership Development



At least 3+ years of experience in the marketing industry
Familiar and experience with Social Media(Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc.)
Must be fluent in Engish
Bachelor’s degree in marketing or related major preferred
Must have strong communication skills, sales, and presentation skills
Expertise in the knowledge of current marketing trends and multimedia platforms


  • Salary is negotiable - Include expected salary 
  • The candidate will work at the 4 World Trade Center office
  • H1B Sponsorship available based on performance
  • Full time

To apply, please send your resume at info@mtygroupny.com