[CACTUS] 재택근무 - 프리랜서 한영번역가 채용


Cactus Communications
Position: Freelance Korean to/from English Translator
Location: Work from Home
Contact: Yoonsung Lee (Yoonsung.lee@cactusglobal.com)

CACTUS is a leading global provider of scientific and medical communication services to researchers, authors, scholarly journals, publishers, academic societies, and pharmaceutical and device companies. We serve more than 200,000 clients across 120 countries and offer world-class editing, publication support, medical writing, translation, transcription, and researcher training services, to help individuals achieve their communication goals. Work from Home in 2018: CACTUS is honoured to be ranked 18 th after a screening of more than 49,000 companies on the Top 100 Companies for Remote/Freelance Jobs on flexjobs in Forbes.


Job Description
- Accurately convey the meaning of the source text
- Research legal, technical, and scientific phraseology to find the appropriate terms
- Produce a grammatically correct final version


- Proficiency in Korean and English
- An understanding of technical terminology in Korean and English (preferred)
- Degrees or knowledge in any of the following fields:
- Art - Art, Media, Communication
- Commerce - Business, Economics, Finance, Statistics
- Earth and Environmental Science - Earth, Atmospheric, Planetary, Energy, sustainability
- Engineering - Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Chemical, Petroleum
- IT - Computer Science, IT
- Life Science - Biochemistry, Genetics, Molecular Biology, Plant and Animal Science
- Medicine - Medicine, Pharmacology, Nursing, Physiology, Healthcare, etc.
- Physical Science - Physics, Chemistry, Material sciences, Mathematics

As a freelancer, you have the flexibility to determine your schedule and work hours.


Selection Process
To proceed, please submit your English CV at freelancetranslator@cactusglobal.com

You will receive our selection process involving a short sample exercise shortly.

Please visit www.cactusglobal.com and our freelancer career website to learn more about us.