Looking for a recruiting partner!

by admin
I am JJ at JJ’s PLACEMENT in Korea.
JJ's PLACEMENT is a recruiting company for English teachers in South Korea. We don't have an office in your city, which makes recruitment very difficult. We would like to establish a business relationship where you would facilitate recruitment of English teachers. You will work independently in recruiting candidates and send me the information of the candidates. Then I will introduce these candidates to prospective schools or language institutes in South Korea. I am planning to share up to 50% of the commission I am going to earn from the employer after the job placement is successfully done through my business. Basically what you will do is gathering candidates who want to work in South Korea. You may need to make your own advertisement plan. Your income will depend on how many peoples are placed in Korea. However, I can ensure you will be rewarded a lot more than you expect because of the English teachers are in huge demand in Korea recently. They are all tax free job, and you might be able to do it as a part-time.
If you are interested in having business partnership with me, please e-mail me at jonathonjung@hotmail.com. We will talk further from there. I will also be happy to listen to any advice or question concerning with this project.
My website is http://www.jjsplacement.com. You may get some idea what kind of job I am doing.
I appreciate for your time and consideration.
I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.